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Just like our 1000s of customers, we LOVE our toys and characters. At times we will release a Collectors Limited Edition pal like PinkBunny Blossom and BlueBunny Meadow.

These Collectors Limited Edition Pals are for a Limited time and ONLY and while stocks last. They are not permanent characters in our product range.

If a Collectors Limited Edition Pal is your first pal or your little ones primary comfort pal, we recommend purchasing your back up pal at the same time.

We will not keep stock back for Collectors Limited Edition Products for future purchase.

During these Promotional times of Collectors Limited Edition pals, no Wash Day Spare Pals, books or other products will be available. Collectors Limited Edition Pals will ONLY be Full Sleep Toys.

No Exchanges for Regular pals from previous orders can be made for Collectors Limited Edition Products.

There are no limits on how many Collectors Limited Edition Pals are purchased, however we reserve the right to cancel/ edit excessive amounts.

Discount codes can be used on Collectors Limited Edition pals.

Your Collectors Limited Edition Pal can be personalised just like all our other cuties. Please see here for our Personalisation T&Cs and allow 14 business days between placing your order and shipping due to high demand and the process the toy undergoes.

Please rest assured your Collectors Limited Edition pal is covered by a 12 month Warranty.

Discontinuing Kiko the Owl and Boa Panda in 2019 was probably the first tough decision for us to make as a business. Over time, we have learnt that our pals are super interchangeable and just about every child, even the toughest critics, take to another character in our range as a backup.

We even wrote a blog post about how interchangeable they are. Check it out here.

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