Terms and Conditions - Not Quite Right Sale

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NQR 2021

Our famous NQR sale starts Monday 29th November at 8pm AEST!

These have been deemed by our staff as still very cute & lovable in every way & will still perform the job they are designed to do. Help them find a good home!

Sleep Toys $65 $45. (FREE soundbox/no warranty on Plush or Sound box)

These pals still function as a sleep toy but may have one or more of these NQR features-

  1. Plush variations.
  2. Marks and discolouration on the blankets
  3. Minor repairs that have not been actioned including blanket stitches missing and pulls in the fabric.
  4. Cosmetically Challenged. The pals face look or feel is not up to our QA standard but this just makes them more special. Wonky eyes, nose and mouth stitches.
  5. All toys come with the safety/ dummy strap so they still pass our strict safety test. You can still attach these pals to the cot or pram.

Bath Sets $49 $10.

The Bath Sets are suitable for dress up purposes as :

  1. They may not survive many wash cycles
  2. Binding may pull away
  3. Tearing may occur
  4. You may receive a set with pulls in the pile
  5. Wonky ears
  6. Colour run 

By purchasing one of our NQR items you are agreeing to the following T&C's:

  1. Strictly NO refunds, exchanges or warranties.
  2. NO personalisation, wrapping or special requests.
  3. NO further discounts after receiving.
  4. Allow 7 days for dispatch due to high volume of orders.
  5. A max of 2 NQR Sleep Toys or Bath Towels is allowed.
  6. No further changes or additions to orders. What you order, you receive.

Please note, the item is not yours until you have fully checked out. Due to the number of people shopping the sale, items will disappear from your cart until they are finalised with payment

If you purchase more than the amount we have deemed fair per person, any extras will be cancelled at our discretion as you did not follow the rules and you will not be given the choice of what you receive.

Please be kind and shop what you need and leave some for others.

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