How do they work? What do they do?

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How do they work? What do they do?

Riff Raff Baby sleep toys have been specifically designed to appeal to 3 main sensory cues babies and toddlers rely on for comfort and self-settling. Combining this powerful tool with a calming nap and sleep routine your little one will learn to fall asleep and resettle independently. 

See - Inspired by the cutest critters on the planet, toys so adorable they have been known to cause a raucous between siblings. We chose vivid colours so even the youngest of bubs can focus on their new furry friend.

Touch - Made from ultrasoft polyester fibre, our sleep toys make irresistible slumber buddies. Get ready for a toy drenched in drool from the kisses! Good thing these toys are machine washable so they will be back for more loving week after week.

Hear - The final piece of the puzzle and the one that almost no baby can resist. Choose from two tracks - a heartbeat with white noise or a soothing lullaby - both specially created for sleep. Designed to be triggered independently by bubs as young as 7 months for midnight self-soothing. The soundbox is triggered through buttons in the ears and you can select from two tracks (white noise or lullaby), two volume levels, and two lengths of playback (20 min or 40 min). Unless your little one takes longer to settle, we recommend the 20 minute setting on Lullaby to really start building that positive sleep association.

Lullaby or White noise? Which is best? And what age do you swap to the lullaby?

It is really personal preference but the key to long lasting positive attachment between your riff Raff and your Little One is the lullaby.  It is for this reason we recommend introducing the lullaby as early as possible. The white noise can be very helpful for in cot/ pram settling during a restless period or if having trouble falling asleep but we recommend using the lullaby for evening cuddles and a peaceful bedtime routine from birth where possible.

For more information about how to introduce at different ages please see this blog piece.

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