What is the best age for introducing a Riff Raff?

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We get asked a lot what is the best age, and honestly there is no best age. 

Many people introduce them from birth. Other families have not needed any assistance until teething or starting child care and all of a sudden are looking for an extra tool. 

We have success stories from birth through to 4+ years old! 

The method you use to introduce may change slightly depending on the age, but the philosophy is all the same.  Spend some time creating a loving, relaxed feeling around the toy and it's tune when falling asleep, then gently and slowly remove your other aids (such as rocking, patting etc).  This can take a few days or perhaps a few weeks but with time and patience, it will happen.

It is never too late to introduce a comforter and we find common ages our pals come into the world of your little ones are at birth, around sleep regressions or when some change/ transitions are happening in their world. So 4-5 months, 8-9 months, 12-13 months and later. All the information you require for the best possible integration of our pal for high impact on sleep habits can be found in this handy blog piece.

We really encourage you to wear the pal so that your smell transfers to the comforter and to build a strong bond, give the pal kisses and cuddles together with the your little one. This ensures good strong feelings of love and comfort become attached and associated with their friend.We also encourage that through the introduction of our pal, you implement a good consistent sleep routine if you have not started one already. Combining the two together will help to teach sleep cues that create connection between the pal and sleep. In doing this, you can start to minimise other things like feed, rocking or patting to sleep. These can become problematic in the long run and the idea of our pal is to minimise your involvement in their settling and they learn that valuable skill of self settling which leads to longer sleeps and less wake ups.

The key with a later introduction (after 18months) is incorporating the pal with a good consistent routine. Around 2 babies are dropping naps/not dropping naps so bedtime can start fluctuating. Around 3, they challenge boundaries and tend to leave their bed in the middle of the night. The importance of introducing our pal, is to offer them something to help reduce settling times at bedtime and offer comfort if they do wake in the night. Often after 18 months, the expected average time for a little one to settle into sleep grows to 30 mins, just like an adult. Always factor this into your bedtime routine to ensure you are walking out of the bedroom at an ideal time. More on this is available via the Welcome Card which is included in the box when you purchase.

We also get asked when is the best age to swap from the white noise to the lullaby?  A common time is about the 3-4 month mark but we also recommend using the lullaby from the start - the sooner you start the sooner their positive association will grow.  

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