Our Warranty Policy

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Here at Riff Raff Sleep Toys both plush and sound box are covered by a generous 12-month warranty from date of purchase. 

Plush Warranty-

The exceptions to this warranty are:-

  • Wear & tear: This is taken into consideration on the plush component of your toy. These pals are used several times a day by babies and toddlers and not to mention the loving parents who activate them and wash them. Issues such as paw threads, loose threads, wearing to the fabric including the velcro and personalisation are not covered by your warranty. Blanket drops over 3 months are also not covered by warranty.
  • Plush or toys purchased in NQR sale
  • Please note, any alterations made to your toy by yourself, such as personalisation by anyone other than us, VOIDS your warranty.
  • Damage to the sound box inflicted through dropping or throwing.
  • Batteries can leak! Unless your sound box experiences corrosion or a leak within the first 2 weeks from the batteries we send with the toy, this is not covered by warranty.  We encourage all customers to use new batteries in their toys. If you are not using the sound box for a long period time, we suggest removing batteries to avoid them ageing, leaking and causing corrosion.
  • Please note, any alterations made to your sound box by yourself, such as complete dismantling, VOIDS your warranty.

Only toys purchased directly through this site are eligible for warranty.  There are no authorised resellers and toys purchased from another source are not covered by our warranty.

If your toy has exceeded the 12-month warranty, Spare Parts are available.

If you have loved your Riff Raff to death and exceeded the 12-month warranty, click here to purchase just the items or spare parts you require. 

To submit a warranty claim:

Please be ready with a clear photo of the problem with your plush or soundbox.

If your Sound Box is showing Complete Failure (no sound at all) Please be ready with your video following in the below guidelines.

Your video must show fresh batteries being inserted from a pack displaying the fault.

This does not have to be a new unopened pack of batteries. This is to rule out battery error. No warranty claim will be assessed using the batteries shipped with our pals or rechargeable batteries.

*Video Handy Hints-

Prop your phone up against something on the kitchen bench so you have 2 hands!

Have your battery case off and old batteries removed!

Have your pack of batteries open ready to show fresh ones coming out the pack!

Play your sound box till the fault occurs. Please do not screw your case back on!

No more than 30 seconds in length! If your file is too big, please send it though Facebook Messenger quoting your order number!

If your video ticks all the guidelines above, Please click below to submit your claim!

Our team will assess within 12 hours of receiving it, Mon- Fri and 24 hours over the weekend!

Let's get this sorted for you!

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