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Here at Riff Raff Baby both plush and sound box are covered by a generous 12-month warranty from date of purchase. 

The 2 components of your Sleep Toy are assessed separately for Warranty Purposes. For example, if your Sound Box is deemed faulty via a successful claim, you will be issued a Sound Box only Replacement not a Full Sleep Toy. If your Plush Toy is deemed faulty via a successful claim, you will be issued a Plush Toy only Replacement, not a Full Sleep Toy.

The exceptions to this warranty are:-

Plush Warranty-

  • Wear & tear: This is taken into consideration on the plush component of your toy. These toys are used several times a day by babies and toddlers and not to mention the loving parents who activate them and wash them.
  • Issues such as paw threads, loose threads, wearing or damage to the fabric, the velcro and personalisation are not covered by your warranty.
  • Any alterations made to your toy by yourself, such as personalisation by anyone other than us, VOIDS your plush warranty.

Sound Box Warranty-

  • Damage to the sound box inflicted through dropping or throwing.
  • Batteries can leak! Unless your sound box experiences corrosion or a leak within the first 2 weeks from the batteries we send with the toy, this is not covered by warranty.  We encourage all customers to use new batteries in their toys. If you are not using the sound box for a long period time, we suggest removing batteries to avoid them ageing, leaking and causing corrosion.
  • Any alterations made to your sound box by yourself, such as complete dismantling or opening the the sound box to attempt fix yourself, VOIDS your warranty.

Only toys purchased directly through this site are eligible for warranty. There are no authorised resellers. Toys purchased from another source or second hand are not covered by our warranty.

If your little one has loved their Riff Raff Soother to the extreme and exceeded the 12-month warranty, click here to purchase just the items or spare parts you require. 

To submit a warranty claim-

To submit a claim we require 2 components.

  1. Order number, full name or email of the person who purchased.
  2. Evidence through imagery or video


A claim on plush must include 2 clear images of the fault

A claim on the sound box that can show fault through photo evidence, must include 2 clear images


A claim on a sound box fault to do with sound or complete failure (no sound at all) must include a video with these requirements :

  • Have your battery case off and old batteries removed
  • Show Fresh Fresh batteries inserted- We MUST see the pack they come out of please.
  • Sound box completely visible and removed from the toy
  • Play your sound box till the fault occurs. Please do not screw your case back on in the video
  • No more than 30 seconds in length. Have your pack of batteries open ready to show fresh ones coming out the pack/charger.

Video tips

Prop your phone on bench against something to record so both your hands are free.

We MUST see the pack of batteries/charger in your video please.

Have the back of the sound box already unscrewed before starting the process

If your video ticks all the guidelines above, click below to submit your claim.

By submitting this claim, you are not automatically granted a replacement. Our team will assess the issue and respond accordingly.

Upon approval and to action your replacement, we require a clear image of both wires of your sound box cut.

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