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The Riff Raff Baby Teether

The time has arrived where your little one is experiencing discomfort from those pesky teeth erupting and you are seeking the perfect teether. We have you covered with our sleek, feature packed teether to help sooth and calm your little one. The perfect addition to your Riff Raff Collection.

What is The Teether made from?

Made from soft food grade silicone that is flexible enough to provide relief along sore gums. Fun fact: Silicone is a hypoallergenic and non-porous material making it safe for teething.

How much is The Teether?

AUD $28.95

How does The Teether work?

The Teether has BUMPS DESIGNED TO RELIEVE TEETHING PAIN. Gentle texture in the silicone provides additional massaging sensations that keep your baby stimulated and help relieve pain. See our helpful blog piece here.

How is The Teether packaged?

The Teether is packaged in a clever silicone pouch which seals to be air tight. This is perfect to store The Teether in when not in use or on the move.

The Teether Measurements.

Each teether measures 10cm high x 7cm wide.

Cleaning the Teether.

The Teether on arrival is not sterilized. As you do bottles, accessories and pacifiers, please wash and sterilize before first use. We recommend daily washing and sterilizing of The Teether. The Teether is DISHWASHER SAFE and MICROWAVE safe . You can also pop it in the freezer for that instant cooling effect.

Is the Teether Safe?

The Teether has been rigorously tested in AU/NZ, UK and EU Standards.

The Teether Exchange, Refund or Warranty Policy.

We will honour our obligations under Australian Law and provide you with an exchange, refund or Compensation if the product has a major issue on arrival and can not be used for the intended purpose.

The Teether is exempt from Returns and Exchanges due to Hygiene and Health and Safety concerns.

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