Something is Wrong with my Sound Box

Updated 2 months ago by Emma Kruger

Is there something wrong with your soundbox playback? 

  • Sound cutting out mid-play and too early?
  • One side working but not the other?
  • Intermittent buzzing sound?

These are all symptoms of a low battery and we suggest you do a battery change ASAP.  Depending on your sound box, 2 x AAA or 2 x AA batteries will fix it right up! 

Did you do a battery change and it is no longer playing all of a sudden?

Changing the batteries cannot damage the soundbox in any way.  If all of a sudden after a battery change your sound box won't play this is a sign of bad batteries (it happens) - your toy is not instantly broken. While we recommend trying another pair from the same pack, we would suggest a whole new pack/box to ensure that you don't encounter the same problem.  

Is there a vibration/distortion all of a sudden particularly during the lullaby?

This is a sign of dust particles collecting on the sound box speaker.  The speaker is very sensitive and it is for this reason we always recommend a battery change in a dust-free and clean environment.  You can often loosen these particulars with a sharp whack (i.e. on your hand, not on a bench)

If there is still an issue, please submit your Warranty Claim here. You will need to have ready-

  1. Your name/ email address.
  2. Order number. If you were gifted your pal, please supply us with your friends name and or email address.
  3. Your video must show fresh batteries being inserted from a pack clearly displaying the fault. This does not have to be an unopened pack. This is to rule out battery error. No warranty claim will be assessed using Rechargeable Batteries. Please keep the back cover off your Sound Box during your video.
  4. If you are claiming for any wire issues, you only need to supply us with a clear image showing the fault please.

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