What do I do if my Little One doesn't like it?

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It is fabulous to hear that we have become a part of your world but not quite bringing the sleepy vibes. It can be quite frustrating when you see thousands of little ones bond fast with these guys and then this does not happen in your own home. Depending on a few variables, some children require more assistance establishing a bond with the toy to ensure the best possible outcome.

This requires time and consistency. We always say that our pal combined with a consistent bedtime routine is what makes the biggest impact to positive sleep outcomes. We are not a quick fix by any means. Here is our introduction blog that talks through how we encourage you to include it into your sleep routine with the music playing and during cuddle time.

It also encourages you to then gradually reduce whatever crutch you have in place that they are relying on such as rocking, feeding to sleep or you just being heavily involved. By the end of a good period of consistency and reducing these things, they should start to understand that the pal is there to help them sleep and establish a sleep association with the sounds.

We are also here to help guide you further if you have any specific questions you'd like to ask us. Have a read through this blog and let us know if there is anything further we can help with.

We get a lot of amazing reviews.  So if your little one is a bub who does not instantly fall in love with their Riff Raff it can be frustrating. But it takes time for plenty of cuties.

For every few reviews with almost instant success we also get one who took a bit longer - but they persisted.  See our blog piece here on what to do if your Little One just ain't loving their Riff Raff.

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