My International parcel has incomplete tracking or has not arrived.

Updated 2 months ago by Emma Kruger

We ship International parcels via Australia Post.  This parcel once past your countries customs, slips into your local postage service.  

Once in your postal system, our tracking number will work in that system and will be your best way to find out where and when your parcel will be delivered. Often if you track the parcel within the Australia post portal it will direct you to contact us or have incomplete tracking.  Please try your tracking number within your postal service first before reaching out to customer service.              

Depending on the service you select we quote between 7-21 business days for almost every country in the world. However, some countries customs can hold up this process. Unfortunately, we cannot predict why and when this occurs and are not accountable for the delay.  

Some borders require tax to be paid for your parcel to be released from customs.  The price varies across these countries and we are not responsible for this fee. You have not paid this tax in your purchase with us. 

If you reach out to us about incomplete tracking, we can try to find out if it has had an internal scan but we CANNOT lodge a claim until 15 business days has passed the estimate delivery date. In the meantime, we encourage you to consult your local postage service to see if they are waiting for taxes to be paid.

Your country will hold onto your parcel for up to a month and will attempt up to 2 deliveries before holding it at your closest post office.  If you do not pick up your parcel within the 4 weeks after it has cleared customs, it will be sent back to us via the slowest and cheapest shipping method possible. This takes 3 months to return to us. 

Any further questions, please reach out to customer service via email

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