Kiko and Bao have been discontinued.

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Discontinuing Kiko was probably the first tough decision for us to make as a business.  We always want to please our parents because as at the end of the day it's about your little ones.  Over time, we have learnt that our pals are super interchangeable and just about every child, even the toughest critics take to another character in our range as a backup.  

They always have a favourite don't get me wrong, but the way we have developed them, the familiarity with the sounds and the look, makes the bond establishment quicker.  Some age brackets like 9 months can be trickier, but with some determination, they will love the back up just as hard.  

We even wrote a blog post about how interchangeable they are. Check it out here.

When new characters are being released, they will be limited edition and they are loved at the level of the others. An example of this was the introduction of Clover the Bunny and Kirra the Koala. An example of a pal that was not very popular was Bao the panda so we decided he was a once-only order. 

We would love to hold stock of every single character we design but knowing what we know about how interchangeable there are and the fact there are 5 other pals to choose from, we are happy with our decision.

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