What is our Referral Program?

Updated 8 months ago by Emma Kruger

What is our Referral Program?

Referrals really are the best!  If you have had success between your little one and our pal, why not spread the word with other parents.  And guess what?  We reward you for doing so!

How our program works:

1. You are supplied with a referral link that is unique to you.  

2. When you share them with 5 separate, new customers who click your link and make a purchase, they get FREE WORLDWIDE shipping and you earn a free toy. Simple as that! 

Five separate, new customer purchases = Free toy for you.

Your own purchases do not count towards a referral because you are not a new referral.  We suggest redeeming another mums links to gain free ship and to help her earn a free toy.

Riff Raff Sleep Toy customers are automatically added to the program through their email when they make a purchase.

Our program is open to anyone to participate. You do not need to be an existing customer.  If you have been gifted a toy or seen them work their magic with friends or family, and really would like to earn your own, you can join the referral program by this link below.


You can also track your own referral account progress via this link.

Please follow the link below for the Full Terms and Conditions of the Riff Raff Sleep Toy Referral Program.


Please reach out to Customer Service Team if you have any questions at all x


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